World issues and other unknown topics


                     In my class we have read and watched The Diary of Anne Frank. It seemed as if we spent almost all of our time on the Second World War. This made me begin to think about other genocides that might have happened throughout our history. A few of the things that came up online we had previously talked about in class; such as Rwada or Darfur but, one certain event that is going on right now spoke to me.



                    Right now there is much conflict in Sudan and South Sudan. At least 26 Nuban villages have been destroyed; in addition, many consider the systematic destruction of crops and grasslands  crimes against humanity. More than 100,000 Nuba residents have fled across the border to refugee camps in South Sudan because their villages have been bombed. There are many reports that the same events that happened in Darfur are now occurring in South Sudan and the Blue Nile, which is a country that boarders South Sudan.


                    This is the reason I wrote this to you, the general public. The war the is currently going on in the Sudan’s is much like the genocide that happened in Rwada. And like that genocide, the united Nations is not responding.


                     In 1994 Rwanda’s president was killed in a plane crash, leaving the country without a leader in the time of need. Throughout their war, the two main racial groups began to attack each other. The Tusies, much like the Jewish during WWII, were forced into hiding by a racial dominant Hutus. They were tortured, raped, and viciously murdered.